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In Uncategorized on February 27, 2009 at 12:07 am

I found it very interesting in “History of the graphical user interface” on the wikipidia site the dramatic change of operating systems from where it began to how I know of it now. The Graphical User Interface (GUI) I cant image it was the hype and circulation of talk when people began to understand it’s function. The begin blue prints of organization and how to think as a user can be seen in the examples. How the folders and symbols were designed, you can still see these icon designs today just in a more modern tone. An article that I can agree with when it comes to the importance of users and what they do when they are on-line. A user compared to a technological person such as a web designer can go on a heavily complicated website like understand whats the structured foundation that was designed or created to handle the concept of this website. A user doesn’t think this way, he/she is like ” Oh cool I’m on eBay, what can I sell”, or buy, watch an auction, purchase a new car perhaps? Its really funny when you think of it because I like to purchase things on-line as well and I can see myself getting caught up in the USER ZONE. Other points that were stressed were how to design a website correctly which is something that I feel needs to be stressed and repeated because there are alot of steps with this technology and everyone is viewing your work on a different computer with a different browser. As a designer we have all had that experience where you didn’t double check and now your site looks wacky on firefox but two thumbs up for safari. Overall even if nobody wanted to admit it, it is unprofessional and it comes off this way to alot of employers.

  • The users experience has to be satisfied like a linear equation on both sides, the design aspect and the usability. It is like being considerate to a costumer in a retail store, you do not want to give them misleading information about products or where they can located in the store. In order to have a successful retail on-line business you must understand how the customers feels because they are the users and the more related the on-line experience is the real thing the more comfortable they will feel. Adding features such as direct I’M chat with an on-line representative is great because it keeps down an overflow of phone calls. As well as when you go into a store expect the atmosphere of the store to represent what kind of clothing or products they sell. This is where design comes in and it is very important because many creative people can be turned off to a horrible combination of colors. Being aware that you dont have alot of time to keep the attention of the user is good because if they cant get there in 3 clicks or less or find anything they will say it all in a review, this is why I agree with the post “More Evidence that Speed Is Key to User Experience”.


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